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  • Signals given by other drivers
    • Arm  signal may be used to strengthen or clarify message
      • Signalling to turn right in busy traffic
        • Slowing down at a zebra crossing
    • Horn: warns others of presence
      • Not to be used between 11:30pm and 7am
    • Flash headlights to warn other road users you're there.
    • Signals by police
      • May flash headlights or blue lights or horn. you must pull up on the left
    • Traffic officer: use amber flashing lights
    • Use of road lanes
      • Contraflow lanes are lanes that flow in the opposition of most of the traffic
      • Bus and cycle contraflow lanes may be found on one way streets- don't enter these
      • Contraflow lanes at roadworks= reduce your speed
      • Right hand lane= overtaking lane
        • always move back into the lane on your left after overtaking


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