Weather - Cyclone Sidr

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  • Cyclone Sidr
    • Formation
      • Storm intensified to a deep depression on the 11th Nov and a Tropical Cyclone Alert was given
      • Storm began to form SE of the Andaman Islands on the 9th Nov 2007
      • Upgraded to Cyclone Sidr early 12th Nov. Upgraded to very severe cyclone later that day
      • Reached peak winds of 130mph on the 15th Nov. Upgraded to Cat 4 cyclone
      • Weakened after making landfall, dissapted on 16th Nov
    • Preperation
      • A total of 2 million Bangledeshis were evacuated to emergency shelters
      • Main ports were closed
      • Relief organisations distributed seven-day emergency kits of food and water, clothing and blankets to evacuated families
      • Defences put in place after cyclone in 1991
        • Emergency shelters on stilts, cyclone walls in between trees to limit storm surge damage
    • Impacts
      • $450 million of damage
      • Storm surge reaching over 5m
      • 3,447 deaths
      • Damage to mangrove forrests, that will take 40 years to recover fully
    • Response
      • 18 Bangladesh Air Force helicopters and five Bangladesh Navy ships were immediately dispatched with food, medicine, and relief supplies for the hardest-hit areas
      • The Ministry of Food and Disaster Management allocated 4,000 metric tonnes of rice, 7,500 tents, 18,000 blankets, and 30 million Taka (US$435,569) in relief grants
      • The UK donated food, water and medicine


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