Sickle Cell - Health, Well-being and Opportunities

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  • Sickle Cell
    • This is a serious inherited blood disorder where the red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body develop abnormality.
    • Symptoms
      • sickle cell crisis
        • pain in the ribs
        • spine
        • pelvis
        • abdomen
        • sternum
        • long bones (legs and arms)
      • palpitations
      • very pale skin
      • headaches
      • fatigue
      • shortness of breath
      • fever
    • Health
      • breathlessness
      • lack of energy
      • change in diet to reduce the effects of the condition
      • can increase vulnerability to infection
      • strokes
      • acute chest syndrome
      • pulmonary hypertension
      • severe pains that can't be reduced by over the counter paracetomol
      • dehydration
    • Wellbeing
      • tiredness
      • can trigger changes in mental state - feeling confused or drowsy
      • problems sleeping
      • general lack of enjoyment
    • Opportunities
      • may meet people at support groups
      • an inability to make or keep friends (may come about if they develop depression)


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