Should women be allowed to lead in  church?

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  • Should women be allowed to lead in  church?
    • FOR
      • J had many female disciples
      • The B shows numerous women in leadership roles in the earliest churches
      • Insistence of women not leading product of its time- less educated than men
      • Women have natural flair for pastoral work
      • Women are half of church membership- show the church as representitive
      • No. of apostles more significant than gender
      • Priest takes on role of J (RC belief)
      • J called 10 male apostles
      • System worked for 200 years
      • Can have other roles in church
      • Women denying skills by trying to lead
      • 1 Timothy 2
      • Genesis 3
      • Ephesians 5
      • Galatians 3
      • Traditional roles for women
        • Home-maker
        • Mother/childcare
        • Subservient to men
        • Should be married
      • Traditional C teaching
        • Martin Luther (1483-1546)
          • Women should remain at home, keep the house and be quiet. If a woman should die in child birth so be it
        • St Augustine (6th century theologian)
          • 'any woman who acts in such a way that she cannot give birth to as many children as she is capable of, makes herself guilty of that many murders'
        • Thomas Aquinas (13th century theologian/ philosopher)
          • ...thought that male foetuses had soul implanted at 40 days, women had souls at 80 days
      • Paul's letters in reply from questions from the church


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