Should we still have one legal profession?

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  • Should we have on legal profession?
    • Advantages
      • reduced costs - only one needed
      • same lawyer could "see it through" from Police Station to Crown Court
      • less duplication of work
        • lawyer would know case more thoroughly therefore more prepared + wouldn't need to pass it on
      • continuity
        • less chance of something going wrong in the "hand over"
        • documents could go missing
        • Avoid problems of barristers running over time with cases
      • Direct Access
        • Barristers can see civil cases from start til end
        • under Legal Service Act 2007
    • Disadvantages
      • decrease in specialist advocacy skills
      • loss of independent bar and the expertise that are available to all
      • loss of objectivity
        • sometimes new lawyers see things different angle
        • second opinion might be good idea
      • loss of cab rank rule
        • barristers are available to all solicitors
        • if all barristers are now all "attorneys" pool of expertise will not be on first come first serve basis


Smith E


"Should we have *one legal profession?". Although this could be updated to reflect current legal aid reform proposals, it sets out the core material on a fused profession well. Comparison might also be made with Canada, where a fused profession operates.

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