Should FPTP be retained for general elections?

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  • Should FPTP be retained for general elections?
    • NO
      • Votes not fairly translated into seats - larger parties get more merit
        • UKIP got 12.6% of vote but only 1 seat in 2015
      • Lacks democratic mandate - party can get parliamentary majority with 35% of vote!
        • 2015; Tories got 35% of vote but 50.7% of seats
      • Regional differences in support are exagerrated, creating electoral deserts
        • 2017; Tories won 35% of votes in east, but 10% of seats
      • Most MPs don't have a majority
        • 2010; 2/3 of MP's didn't have a majority
      • Safe seats mean many votes don't influence outcome - apathy?
      • becoming less likely to deliver its key strength; strong stable govt.
        • 2010 coalition, May and Johnson's minority govts.
        • growth in 3rd parties; LibDems, UKIP, SNP had 56 seats in 2015
    • YES
      • Simple to use and familiar to voters
      • Usually produces strong stable govts who can deliver manifestos
      • Promotes 2 party system: Governing party held accountable by voters who have clear choice between 2 major parties
      • Rarely results in unstable minority govts or coalitions??
      • Clear MP-constituent link... voters participate
      • Limits extremist parties


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