Memory- short term memory capacity

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  • Short term memory- capacity.
    • Factors affecting capacity
      • Reading aloud increases digit span (digits also stored in echoic store strengthens memory)
      • Pronounciation (digit span less for Arabic speakers as their digits take longer to pronounce)
        • Hitch: people can recall items that can be articulated in 1.5 seconds
    • Miller
      • Magic number= 7+/- 2
      • Believed digit span is number of chunks of information (eg, chunks of three in mobile number)
    • Atkinson and Shiffrin
      • STM has limited capacity (forgetting is called displacement)
    • Jacobs
      • Digit span technique- Can recall 7 numbers
      • Read aloud list of numbers/ letters, increaded lengt of lists until P's were getting it wrong. Suggested this was their digit span capacity. 5-9 digits. Age made a difference 8 years= 7 digits. 18 years= 9 digits.


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