short term causes of anglo-afgan war

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  • Short Term Causes Of The Anglo-Afghan War
    • The political cause for war was that the British marched in their armies imposing all of their laws, and not leaving when they had put Shah Shuja on the throne. The Afghans were concerned that the British would take possesion of the country like in India.
    • An economic reason for the out break of war was that the British kept on lowering their payment to the influential Afghan Chiefs for their support to the Shah Shuja.
    • The cultural cause for the outbreak of war was that the British soldiers were offending the  Afghani people by having affairs with the women.
    • A military cause for the  out brake of war was that  Lord Auckland made the tactical error of prematurely    withdrawing a large part of the army from Afghanistan to China. this meant that there were no longer the necessary troops or money to make the occupation secure and the Shah Shuja's rule a success


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