Short term causes of the Civil War

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  • Short term causes
    • Personality
      • Arrogant, Conceited, and a strong believer of divine rights.
    • 1629 - refused to let Parliament meet.
      • Doors locked with Padlocks and large chains.
        • 11 years of tyranny.
    • 1625 - 1629 Religion and money common cause for argument.
    • Ruled using the Star Chamber
      • Raised money for the King
        • Heavily fined those brought before it.
    • Ship money [1635]
      • Tax paid by coastal towns and villages to pay for the upkeep of the Navy.
      • Costal tax paid by coastal towns and villages to pay for the upkeep.
      • In one sense, Charles was correct, but such was the relationship between him and the powerful men of the kingdom.
      • John Hampden
        • Hampden Case
          • MP
          • Refused to pay the new tax as Parliament had not agreed to it.
          • Put on trial.
            • Found Guilty.
    • Clashed with the Scots.
      • New Prayer book.
        • Invaded England in 1639.
          • Charles = Short on money.
            • Recall Parliament in 1640.
              • In return Parliament called for the execution of Strafford. (Top Advisor)
                • 1641 Strafford =  trial and executed.
                  • Demanded that Charles got rid of Court of Star Chamber.
                    • 1642 - Relations had become worse. Charles had to do what Parliament wished due to their ability to raise money required.
                      • 1642, went to Parliament with 300 soldiers to arrest his 5 biggest critics.


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