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  • Shopping
    • Advantages
      • Hypermarkets
        • Sell very wide range of products, as well as food.
        • Competitive prices.
        • In - store facilities, cafe, creche, pharmacist, bakery, butchers and fresh fish counter
        • Free parking
        • Family Friendly with special trolleys & wide aisles.
        • Cash back facility.
      • Supermarkets
        • Smaller than a hypermarket and can be local.
        • Quicker for doing a smaller shop.
        • Free parking
        • Cash back facility.
        • Special offers.
      • Specialist Shops
        • wide choice of a particular type of food, e.g. meat at a butcher's or fish at the fishmonger's.
        • Knowledgeable staff for advice and assistance.
        • Individual service/good quality of service.
        • Can buy as much or as little as you need.
    • Disadvantages
      • Hypermarkets
        • You need a car to get there, because they are mostly like on out skirts of large towns.
        • Cost of petrol has to be added on top of shopping cost.
        • It takes a long time to get around hypermarkets as they are so large.
        • Many spend more money because of good offers.
      • Supermarkets
        • May not have a wide range of goods as hypermarkets
        • May be more expensive than hypermarket.
        • Lack of facilities such as cafe & pharmacy.
      • Specialist Shops
        • More expensive than supermarket.
        • Fewer shops available
        • May have to travel to get there.
        • Parking may be difficult.


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