Shifting power may lead to tensions

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  • Shifting power may lead to tensions
    • Although the USA and Europe are allies there still remain cultural tensions between them
    • Terrorism
      • Growing feature of the 21st century and tends to be located in areas where the involvement of the USA and other countries are directly opposed to the interests of Islams and Muslims
      • Mostly directed towards the USA, with the biggest attack being the 9/11
      • Many believed the USA deserved the attack as they ignore international agreements e.g world criminal court in which they refuse to have its own citizens stand
    • War
      • In 2002 the invasion of Iraq was thought by many Europeans to be less about removing Saddam Hussein but ensuring the USA has access to oil supplies
      • USA drawn-out attempt to restore a form of peaceful, functioning government in Iraq undermined the USA international status
    • The future
      • 4 main cultural views which are present in the emerging powers, American corporate capitalism, European liberalism, the Islamic world and Chinese Confucianism
      • Various possible scenarios
        • 1) Multi-polar world- USA remains the most powerful but less dominant superpower but rise of China and India
        • 2) Arms race- possibly nuclear in the middle east and east Asia if tensions cannot be resolved
        • 3) Resource nationalisation- rising tensions as oil and water run short there is a dash for new resources
        • 4) Decline of Europe and Japan due to rapidly ageing populations
        • 5) Resource-rich powers will challenge the political and economic order


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