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  • Sherlock Holmes Character descriptions
    • Sherlock Holmes
      • Sherlock is a unique young man with a mind like a 'racing engine'. he has set himself up as the world's only consulting detective
    • Mary Morston
      • A part-time nurse, little is known about her past. Even more than John, she can understand Sherlock's logic and sometimes surprises him with her own logic
    • Mycroft Holmes
      • Mycroft works for - and occasionally IS - the British government. He often calls on Sherlock to assist when events threaten national security
    • Detective Inspector Lestrade
      • World-weary with a dry sense of humour, Lestrade is the only member of the police force who Sherlock has any respect for. He's not afraid to risk the ridicule of his colleagues by calling in Sherlock to examine a case.
    • Jim Moriarty
      • Moriarty was Sherlock's intellectual equal. A master criminal who enjoyed playing games with the world, he killed himself in order to discredit the detective
    • Molly Hooper
      • Molly is far more comfortable with the dead than the living. But don't mistake her for lack of social skills for a lack of intelligence.
    • Philip Anderson
      • Philip Anderson worked in the Forensics Department of Scotland Yard. Devastated by his own contribution to the downfall of Sherlock, he became obsessed with the detective's apparent death


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