Shen Teh

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  • Shen Teh
    • Shen Teh is a prostitute
      • She hides from a customer so that the gods can stay at her house
    • She lets the Gods stay in her house
      • In the prolouge she admits tot eh gods she has no money and they give her some but claim its for the 'hotel bill'
        • With the money the gods give her, she opens a tobacco shop
    • Shen Teh gets exploited by her own family which she used to live with. Eight family members come to live with her
    • Shen Teh discuses herself as a fake cousin called Shui Ta
      • Shui Ta is economically wise and does not give handouts the way Shen Teh often did
    • I would portray Shen Teh as A short, Asian woman with black hair and a pretty face.
    • Untitled
    • Wang reports to the Gods that Shen Teh falls in love with Yang Sun


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