Shelia Birling

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  • Shelia Birling
    • Initial Impressions
      • Got a temper
        • "don't be an ***, Eric"
          • immature, childish, young, naïve, snobbery
            • Could also be seen as modern, as using derogatory language towards a man
          • sense of order and self-importance
            • Spoilt, snobbish, daddy's princess
      • Daddy's girl
        • "I'm sorry, Daddy"
          • Sounds like a 4 year old
            • Adults in Early 20s were still seen as children in 1912
          • Born into money might not see it as snobbery
    • Change
      • Construct for Priestly, her attitudes change through the play
        • Becomes more like the Inspector
      • Differences in her speech
        • "mummy" to "mother
      • Shows comp***ion
        • "But these girls aren't cheap labour - they're people."
      • Perceptive
        • Realises Gerald knew Daisy
        • First to realise Eric's part
        • First to wonder about the Inspector
      • Much wiser
        • Respects Gerald's honesty
        • Judge parents and Gerald from a new persepctive
        • Awakened social conscience
        • More aware of her responsibilities


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