Sheila character overview

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  • Shelia
    • Just engaged
      • To Gerald
      • Pleased and excited at the prospect of marriage
    • Distressed over Eva's death
      • 'Oh how horrible, was it an accident?' Shelia Act 1
        • Naive in thinking that you can accidentally drink a lethal amount of disinfectant
    • Got her fired from Milwards
      • Did it out of jealousy
      • Troubled at the hardship it brought Eva
    • Character traits
      • Jealous
        • Did it out of jealousy
    • Recognises that the inspector knows everything already
      • Smarter
    • Breaks of engagement when finds out Gerald had an affair
      • Respects his honesty
    • Revels that Eric drinks to much
    • She changes the most
      • By the end supports the need for social justice
    • Represents that the young generation can change
    • Can be shown as a strong female character
      • Time of the suffragettes
    • Her voice goes from carefree to a more serious note throughout the play
      • Grows up


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