sheila birling

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  • sheila burling
    • responsibility
      • sheila is the first character to really involve the key theme in the play
      • takes responsibility for getting eva smith sacked and then goes on to make the characters take repsonsibilty for their actions
        • for example with gerald and his affair with daisy renton she doesnt shout as at this point she has started to assume the all knowing role of the inspector
    • family
      • mr birling
        • capitalist
        • set up by JB Preistly for a fall from the start
          • says there isn't going to be a war, and that the titanic is unsinkable
        • 'everyone should look after themselves'
          • hes the hard headed businessman
        • sees the marriage as a business agreement
      • ms birling
        • no real role until her charity is involved
        • refers to sheila frequently as the child
      • eric
        • drunk, involved with daisy renton.
          • the only other character that notices that birling is wrong, like sheila but not to the same extent
    • standing
      • sheila is seen as quite childish
      • as such her family treat her like a child, shown by them trying to remove her by saying things like go to bed or that it isnt suitable for her
      • but towards the end of the play she assumes the role of the inspector, and becomes one of the powerful characters
  • context
    • riots and protests over pay for workers, mainly women
    • written post ww2, set pre ww1
  • sheila is the incarnate of priestly in the play, his way of getting his views across


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