Sheila Birling

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  • Sheila Birling
    • Characteristics
      • Sharp
        • He's giving us the rope- so that we'll hang ourselves" (pg 33)
      • Strong minded
        • "I don't believe I will. So you be careful" (pg 3)
      • Selfish
        • "You used the power you had [...] to punish the girl"
      • Moral
        • "But these girls aren't cheap labour- they're people"
      • Looks to her mother for approval "Look- Mummy- isn't it a beauty?" (pg 5)
    • Language
      • "Squiffy"
        • Shows the contrast between her and her parents
        • Slang shows that she is young
      • "Very pleased with life and rather excited"
        • Her immaturity makes it easier to forgive her at the end of the play
          • Due to her development through out the play
    • Audience
      • She is more mature than the audience think
        • Wise
          • Sees what the inspector is doing
          • Becomes suspicious of Gerald
        • Isn't naive
          • Knows about men using prostitutes
      • Priestley
        • Uses her as a moral judge at the end of the play
        • Uses her as "hope" for change
    • Picks up the inspectors techniques
      • Asks lots of questions
      • Reveals Erics drinking problem
      • Contradicts and undermines her parents


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