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  • sheila
    • "pretty girl in her early twenties very pleased with life and rather excited" pg 2
    • in the first act her feelings towards her and Geralds relationship seems very duplicitous this is shown through the stage directions describing her as "half playful, half serious" pg 3
    • treated like a child "nothing to do with you, Sheila, run along" pg 17
    • maturity through  the ability to sympathise with Eva's situation "destroying herself so horribly- and I'd been so happy tonight" pg 17
    • shows responsibility from beginning " (miserably) soo I'm really responsible?" -->more socialist attitude
    • act two--> feelings of unhappiness with Gerald take over --> cheated on and lied to
    • juxtaposition--> act one = more positive connotations "gaily" whereas act two= negative connotations "bitterly"
    • character stongest--> act three--> challenges parents conservative viewpoint. first time she tries to show others their own responsibility
      • "but you're still all forgetting one thing, I still cant' forget" pg 70
      • "it frightens me the way you talk"==> doesn't agree with the way society deals with the social divide representing the younger generations views


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