Sheila - Inspector Calls

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  • Sheila
    • Overview
      • Beginning - sharing parent's capitalistic views
      • Hears how her actions led to death of Eva Smith
        • Begins to challenge those around her
      • End - rejects father's capitalistic views and accepts those of the Inspector
    • Key Quotes
      • "the one you wanted me to have"
        • Beginning - presented as stereotypical woman - values possessions and marriage
      • "respect you more than I've ever done"
        • By giving back ring - asserts new-found independence and rejects her submissive role
      • "these girls aren't cheap labour"
        • Begins to her father and his capitalist ideology by putting human welfare over profits
      • "it frightens me the way you talk"
        • Becomes afraid of her parent's lack of compassion
          • Changed completely from person she was at start
    • Context
      • Represents reasonable younger generation
      • Challenges traditional and capitalist views
        • Begins to accept socialism
      • Rejection of Gerald
        • Breaking of gender norms - in favour of more modern ideology of women
    • Personality
      • Patronised
        • "run along
      • Protected
        • "there isn't the slightest reason why my daughter should be dragged into this unpleasant business"
      • Willing to speak up
        • "I think it was mean to do so"
      • Guilty
        • "I felt rotten about it at the time and now I feel a lot worse"
      • Intuitive
        • "Why - you fool - he knows"
      • Sympathetic
        • "it's a rotten shame"
      • Responsible
        • "Miss Birling has just been made to understand what she did to this girl. She feels responsible"
      • Aware
      • Matures
        • "You and I aren't the same people who sat down to dinner here"


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