ENGLISH: AIC Sheila Birling

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  • sheila birling
    • the character who changes the most during the play
    • looks to her mum for approval when Gerald proposes
    • "probably between us we killed her"
    • uses slang to show she is from the younger generation
      • "squiffy"
    • quick witted and strong minded
    • "very pleased with life" and "rater excited" at beggining
    • gave Gerald's ring back when she found out he cheated and when she suspected Eric was the father of eva's baby
    • she abused her status as a wealthy customer at Millwards when she insisted they fire Eva
    • asks Gerald lots of questions like the inspector
    • wise instincts, is not naïve and knows what she is doing
    • says she "respects" Gerald for being honest
    • offers hope to the audience
    • by the end of the play she has learnt her lesson, accepted her responsibility and changed


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