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  • Sheila Birling
    • 'It frightens me the way you talk'
      • End of the play
      • Sees error of her family's ways
      • Doesn't understand how they could forget what they did
      • Realises that all the separate situations still happened; nothing has changed.
      • Theme: Responsibility
    • 'I'll never, never do it again to anybody'
      • Has learnt from her mistakes
      • Apologetic and compassionate
      • Understands impact of her actions; good sense of right and wrong unlike Arthur.
      • Theme: Responsibility
        • Will accept that what she did was horrible and wants to change
    • 'He knows. Of course he knows'
      • Talking about the Inspector
      • Understands the situation
      • Seems mature unlike the beginning of the play
      • Tries to warn the others to prevent them getting into trouble - is kind.
      • Intelligent, more perceptive than before.
    • 'But these girls aren't cheap labour - they're people'
      • Respect for the lower classes - sees Eva as a person and not money (unlike Arthur)
      • Doesn't see the difference between whether Eva was upper class or lower class
      • Disagrees with Arthur
      • Theme: Class Differences/ Generation Divide
    • 'Very pleased with life and rather excited'
      • Stage direction
      • Innocent  - parents over-protected her
      • Always had everything handed to her
      • She is happy and content with her situation as she is wealthy and nothing bad has ever happened to her as her parents wouldn't allow it.
      • Theme: Class Differences
        • She doesn't want for anything
      • Theme: Gender Divide
        • They wouldn't try and protect Eric from 'disturbing' things


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