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  • Sheila Birling
    • Personality
      • Her language makes her seem childish at first
        • uses slang which reminds audience she is from the younger generation
        • looks to her mother for approval when she gets her engagement ring
        • when she jokes with Gerald her childness might be a way to hide serious concerns about her relationship with Gerald
      • seems to o differ from the rest of the family
        • she's quick witted and strong minded - quickly hands Gerald's ring back when she finds out that he's been unfaithful to her
        • She starts of the play as being more selfish - she abused her influence to have Eva Smith dismissed as a store assisstant
      • More mature than the audience think
        • She has wise instincts - sees what the Inspector is doing and finds Gerald's absence suscpicious
        • She knows men use prostitutes - not naive
      • Moral standards and her change
        • Priestley uses her character to show that there is hope in the younger generation
        • She is used as a moral judge - the others don't get as far as admitting they killed her
        • She becomes a bit like the Inspector herself
    • Quotes
      • "I don't believe I will. So you be careful." Act 1
      • "But these girls aren't cheap labour - they're people" Act 1
      • "He's giving us the rope - so that we'll hang ourselves" Act 2
    • Themes
      • Learning about life
        • Priestley makes Sheila seem young and childish at first.
        • Her involvement in Eva Smith's downfall seems like the result of immaturity
          • This makes it easier to forgive her


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