Sheila- An Inspector Calls

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  • Sheila
    • Spoilt upbringing
      • Uses her social power negatively
      • At the beginning she seems quite sheltered, self centered and naive
    • Social Responsibility
      • Already aware of how her actions were wrong and is willing to change
      • Still wants to share the blame as she can't cope with all of the responsibility
      • Internal conflict with the way she was brought up and the views she knows are right
      • Angry at her parents lack of understanding
    • Development
      • The audience see her as childish but as the play progressed she developed the most
      • "But these girls aren't just cheap labour- they're people"
      • "In some odd way, I rather respect you more than I've ever done before"
    • Preistley's views
      • Shows how the younger generation can change their views
      • Priestley doesn't want society to go back to how it was pre-war


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