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  • sheet 5 mock revision
    • Outline the SLT approach
      • learning through observation
      • imitation
      • modelling
      • vicarious reinforcement
      • mediational processes
        • attention
        • retention
        • reproduction
        • motivation
      • Bandura
    • Evaluate the SLT approach
      • Observation controlled, allows for replication, scientific
        • However, controlled lab means it will lack ecological validity, Bandura
      • Develops the behaviourism approach, mediational processes allow for not just the environment to be a factor. Better explanatory power
        • is therefore more interactionist
      • Reductionism is at it's highest level. Reduces the explanation of social factors but not exclusively allows for other approaches to work along side it e.g biological, aggression
    • Explain Wundt's contribution to psychology as a science
      • 1. focus on being objective
        • 2. reflection on sensations feelings and images
      • 3. longer reaction times mean there are more processes involved
      • 4. use of everyday objects e.g metronome to focus on inner throughts and break them down
      • 5. still used in therapy today
    • What is the difference between a volunteer and an opportunity sample
      • V= where participants volunteer to partake in the experiment when it is advertised e.g on a poster
      • O= the closest available participants to you, e.g people walking down the street
    • What are the two drugs used to treat OCD?
      • SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors)
      • Benzodiazepin-es e.g GABA
    • Name and outline a therapy used to treat phobias
      • systematic desensitisation
      • 1. build a hierarchy
      • 2. relaxation techniques
      • 3. do the hierarchy in vivo or in vitro
      • Counter conditioning
      • 4. extinction of phobias
    • Outline the biological cause of OCD
      • 1. loop is faulty
      • 2. Pre frontal cortex sends strong signals
      • 3. Basal Ganglia fails to filter these signals
      • 4. Thalamus becomes overactive
      • 5. sends too strong signals back to the prefrontal cortex, increasing repetetive behaviours
    • What are the measures of central tendency and dispersion
      • central tendency
        • mean, median, mode
      • dispersion
        • range, standard deviation


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