She Walks in Beauty- Lord Byron 

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  • She Walks in Beauty- Lord Byron
    • Context
      • Romantic
      • Scandalously renowned for his many lovers, both men and women
      • Died fighting for the Greeks against the Ottoman Empire at the age of 36
      • Meant to be set to music like many of his other poems
      • Wrote the poem overnight in a passionate episode
    • Form/ Structure
      • Formal in structure
      • 3 stanzas, regular rhythm and rhyme scheme, reflects her faultless perfection
      • Enjambement, speaker cannot pause for breath
    • Language/ Imagery
      • "She walks in beauty, like the night/ Of cloudless climes and starry skies"
        • Compares her beauty to the night, more beautiful than just the light and dark (combination makes her beautiful
      • "Thus mellow'd to that tender light/ Which heaven to gaudy day denies." - Subtle beauty, idea of balance
      • "A heart whose love is innocent", contrasts Byron who is a lathario.
    • Compare to
      • Neutral Tones- description of an unidentified figure
      • Sonnet 43 and La Belle Dame Sans Merci


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