Shaun's Character Arc

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  • Shaun's Character Arc
    • 1) Youth
      • entering shop to buy sweets and read comics, childish
    • 2)The world is dangerous
      • Combo's speech manipulates him, despite not listening
    • 3)Promise of Escape
      • Combo talking to him in car about father gives him a parental figure. Woody also is promising, but dissapoints
    • 4)Transformation
      • 2 transformations- one to skinhead and one to nationalism, context link
    • 5)Conflict
      • beating of Milky creates moral dilemma as he loves him
    • 6)Realisation
      • speaks to mother and reconnects, anxious to know if Milky is okay
    • 7)Self-Awareness and Strength
      • throws the flag away, rejecting nationalist ideology and harmful father figure
    • 9) Adulthood
      • not shown, creates a dilemma and lack of resolution in coming-of-age arc


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