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      • brief service on Friday night
        • at the end, kiddush is said, thanking God for giving Shabbat to Jewish people
      • longer service on Saturday morning
        • not only prayer and blessings, also reading from Torah and sermon
        • each week, a different portion of the Torah is read
        • when the Ark is opened, whole congregation stands
        • reading for the day is at the bimah,
    • AT HOME
      • Shabbat preparations - Friday night
        • house is cleaned
        • family washes
        • smart clothes worn
        • table set with finest cutlery and crockery
          • TABLE
            • two candles represent two commandments to remember and observe Shabbat - can add more
            • wine/grape juice and two loaves of challah - loaves covered with special cover
            • drinking wine symbolises joy, loaves symbolise two portions of manna in the desert
      • lighting the candles
        • female member of family, usually mother
        • eighteen mins before sunset
        • welcoming Shabbat - waves her arms, recites blessing
        • says a prayer asking God to bless the family
      • Friday evening meal


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