Media representations of sexuality and disability

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  • Sexuality
    • Dyer- argues homosexual men characters are dominantly 'camp'
      • Recently the amount of gay characters as increased and sociologists say this is a result of Tokenism
    • Watney- in the 1980's the media blamed AID's on gays. And were labelled carriers of 'The Gay Plague'
      • Gerbner- argues there has been symbolic annihilation to homosexual people as they are not realistically portrayed or not shown at all = marginalised
    • Craig- claims homosexuals normally have amusing personalities or having to come to terms with being homosexual rather than normal
      • Lesbians are shown as a threat to traditional masculinity or for the pleasure of men
    • Klein- suggests sexuality is used by capitalism to make profit = pink pound
  • Disability
    • Statistics- 20% of the UK is disabled but 0.4% of characters of TV
      • Cumberbatch + Nagrine- No disabled people in Quizzes or current affair programmes. Even politics
        • Cerrie Burnell - CBBC presenter
    • Karpf- 2 views of disabled people. victims or those who find miracle treatments
      • Roper- suggests most disabled people on TV are cute and not a accurate depiction of society.
    • Barnes- need of pity, victims, burden, sexually abnormal, incapable of participating in community, abnormal
      • Paralympics- doesn't help representations. Still shown on separate channels and at different times however shows what they can achieve


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