Themes: Sexuality in 'Woyzeck'

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  • Sexuality in "Woyzeck"
    • Scene Two: Marie and Margaret
      • "What a man, straight as a tree!"
        • What she sees as sexually pleasing
      • "Hey, that was a friendly eye you gave him neighbour! You don't treat every man to that"
        • Even Margaret sees Marie's desire to express her sexuality
      • "You could see your way through seven pair of leather britches"
        • Insinuating that Marie is a **** - even her best friend is mean to her
    • Scene Three: Fairground
      • "Jesus , you could foal a calvary regiment out of her. And breed drum-majors"
        • Shows the Drum Major's lust, he goes for the attraction rather than love. Shows disrespect
    • Scene Four: Marie and Woyzeck
      • "My mouth 's as red as my lady's"
        • She's not alone in adultery - trying to convince herself that she isn't the only one who desires sex
    • Scene Five: Shave
      • "I see a pair of white stockings twinkling down the street, hop-skip (..) I feel desire then!"
        • Almost presents the Captain as a *********, unsettling the audience
    • Scene Seven: Marie and Captain
      • "You make me proud to be a woman"
        • Men defining woman's sexuality
      • "I'm going to fill your belly full of drum-majors"
        • Sees her as good-stock something to breed with
      • "Devil in you, isn't there? I can see it in your eyes"
        • Equates sex with the devil. Marie as a vessel?
      • "What's it matter anyway? It's all one."
        • Marie's already committed the sin
    • Scene Nine: Doctor and Captain
      • "You could just find it sticking to a certain pair of lips"
        • Hints that Marie is sexually acitve
    • Scene Ten: Marie and Woyzeck
      • "It's a shame you couldn't leave them at home"
        • Shows hurt, sexuality is something destructive
      • "Your mouth's so red, Marie"
        • He recognises the desire Marie has
      • "Why're there no blisters on it?"
        • Sexuality being destructive, hot - temperature imagery
      • "As beautiful as sin. Can mortal sin be beautiful?"
        • He wants sex - sees it as something desirable and something to be admired. But he knows it's wrong
    • Scene Sixteen: Andres and Woyzeck
      • "A red-hot piece, fantastic, h'r inside's like running butter"
        • Equates sexuality with temperature
    • Scene Eighteen: Marie
      • "Brought unto him a woman taken in adultery"
        • Turns to religion as solace from sex: universal problem
    • Scene Twenty One: Death
      • "I'd give heav'n to kiss them again though"
        • Sex is a bad thing but he wants it! Desire!
      • "And you've got hot lips, hot breath, hot, hot, whore's breath!"
        • Sees his wife as a negative thing, a possession. Strips her of class.
    • Scene Twenty-Three: Drowning
      • "What's that red thing round your neck? Is it a necklace?"
        • What DM gave her, blood and sex. Equates violence with sex.
      • "Who gave you a necklace to commit sins with him?"
        • Sex has demeaned her to an adultress who against God and her husband


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