Culture and Identity and Sexuality

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  • Sexuality
    • Sexuality is socially constructed and what counts as 'normal' is established through the culture of society
    • Stigmatised or spoiled sexual identities
      • Indivisuals regard sexuall actvity outside ' normal sex' as a deviant activity.
        • This may lead to hostility in public settings, bullying at school and discrimination in employment.
    • In 2014 gay and lesbian couples were allowed to marry on the same legal basis as straight couples.
    • Postmodernists
      • People have more freedom to choose their sexual identities
      • Attitudes have become more relaxed to choose from a range of sexual identities
      • HOWEVER
        • Women are much more likely than men to be seen as sexual objects
        • Women are more constrained by traditional stereotypes to choose sexual identities
        • Homosexuality is still seen as a deviant behaviour by a number of people
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