Sexual selection and human reproductive behavior 

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  • Biological approach suggests that women and man look for a match to promote and protect genes
    • Women look for a men with good resources so they can secure
    • Men tend   to look for young women which means they are fertile so they can have babies
    • In order to find a good match people have honest signals and 'unhonest' which are plastic operations , make-up
    • Basic explanation is that any trait which increases reproduction will start to be used over evolutionary time
    • Sexual selection and human reproductive behavior
      • Pagel suggests that man with more hair are found unattractive as they can have more germs than the one without which means that the offspring will not have good genes
    • Research into sexual selection was by Buss who had 10.000 participants both females and males who had a questioner and it was done on 34 cultures
      • Findings that there are individual diffrences of what man and women look for but the most common was that women look for younger women while women look for good recources
      • Good sample size
      • Questioner - may lie-self report
      • 34 cultures-good


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