Sexual relationships in Islam

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  • Sexual relationships
    • The only right context for sexual activity is within marriage
      • Sex outside of marriage is frowned upon
      • People should remain virgins until marriage
      • Promiscuity is wrong
    • Islam permits polygamy
      • A man can have up to four wifes
      • Must be able to support all of their wives
      • Muhammad had eleven wives
    • Contraception is anything that aims to prevent a woman becoming pregnant
      • Some believe that the availability of contraception makes it less important to keep sex within marriage
    • The Qur'an encourages procreation
      • Contraception for family planning is actively encouraged in Iran
      • Contraception is permitted if
        • If there's a risk to the mothers life
        • If theres a high chance of the child being born with disabilities
        • Too poor to raise a child
      • Permanent contraceptive methods are frowned upon


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