Sexual Ethics.

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  • Sexual Ethics.
    • Natural Law.
      • Sex and relationships.
        • Roman Catholic= sex only in wedlock.
        • Sex should only be for procreation (PP) not pleasure (AG).
        • Telos of sex is for procreation.
        • Masturbation= apparent goodness.
        • Can cause problems: does this mean infertile couples can't have sex?
      • Contraception.
        • Condoms prevent childbirth= against PP.
        • DDE allows condoms to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDs.
        • Contraception is against God as it is unnatural.
        • Reproduction= duty of humans.
      • Homosexuality
        • Never naturally produces a child and does not conform with the telos of procreation.
        • God created woman for man so homosexuality= against intentions.
        • Gay men and women can (agape) but any sexual act is immoral. Sexual acts are violations of divine and natural laws.
    • Kantian Ethics.
      • Sex and relationships.
        • CI= sex is wrong as you are using someone else for your own benefit.
        • Masturbation is worse than suicide.
        • Marriage= prostitution. You have a contract with someone which destroys autonomy.
      • Contraception.
        • Procreation= intrinsic duty of human race and doesn't allow procreation.
        • Contraception does not preserve human life.
        • Kant may argue that contraception is acceptable if it prevents exploitation.
      • Homosexuality.
        • Unacceptable- sex doesn't allow for human life.
        • 'Crimine carnis'= crime of the flesh. Degrades humans below animals.
        • Can't be universal or the human race would die out.
    • Utiliarianism.
      • Sex and Relationships.
        • Bentham says prostitution should be legal as it brings pleasure to many.
        • Sex is a basic human need. You should make the decision as to whether or not you want to have sex.
        • ***********=crime against the self.
      • Contraception.
        • Mill= good- gives women control over sex and relationships.
      • Homosexuality.
        • Bentham- doesn't harm anyone and gives happiness to many.
        • Singer- preference of the individual.


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