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    • The SDA 1975 makes it unlawful to discriminate against an individual on the grounds of gender and marriage and promotes sexual equality within:
      • Education
      • Employment
      • Advertising
      • Provision of housing goods, services and facilities
    • applies to both women and men of any age including children - although more women have expierence discrimination more than men.
    • SD can have indirectly and directly
      • Directly - treating an individual differently because of their gender
        • Example; treating a women less favourably because she is pregnant. OR an example of a direct claim is the requirement that that all male workers need to be 6ft tall and all women need to be 5ft tall.  a male applicant of 5feet 6inches who is therefore refused a job has suffered direct discrimination
      • Indirectly - although both sexes are considered, one sex dominates the other.
        • Example; when a job description for a vacant post discriminates against either gender.  OR  another example is the requirement that all employees should be over 6 ft tall making women disproportionately  less able to meet this requirement.
    • This may result in VICTIMISATION on the grounds of SD, but victimisation because someone has tried to exercise their rights under the SDA OR EQUAL PAYACT is prohibited.
      • An Example; of VICTIMISATION is the refusal of a former employer to provide an ex-employee with a reference because he or she has issued legal proceedings
        • The SDA 1975 was amended in 1986 to ensure discrimination within small firms, private households and at the age of retirement was abolished.
    • If an employer is found to be guilty of discrimination by a Industrial Tribunal under the SDA
      • the Tribunal will make recommendations for steps to be taken in the company to remedy the situation.
      • the employer, will be ordered to pay compensation to the complainant for loss and injury suffered as a consequence of the discrimination which has occurred. this could be a significant amount of money.




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but would it be possible if you could make this open with micro soft and same with the other acts pleasee.

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