Christian Ethics: Sex and Relationships

Key information about Christian views on Sex and Relationships

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  • Sex and Relationships
    • Sex
      • Gift from God
      • Has 2 main purposes
        • Bringing a couple closer together
        • Procreation
      • Most Christians
        • Believe that sex should be between a married couple
        • Sex outside of marriage is frowned upon
          • Adultery
            • Against the 10 commandments
              • "Do not commit adultery"
            • ALL Christians disapprove of Adultery
            • Means a married person sleeping with someone who is not their husband or wife
            • Breaks marriage vows
              • Couple promise to be faithful to each other
            • Jesus reinforces the Old Testament
              • O.T. - Not to commit adultery
                • Jesus says - "You should not even look at a women lustfully, because that is like committing adultery with her in your heart"
          • Pre-marital sex
            • Christians disagree with Pre-marital sex
            • Bible speaks out against fornication which can mean Pre-marital sex
            • Co-habitation
              • Church speaks out against this calling them "Trial marriages"
              • becoming more common in the UK
      • Some Christians say that sex between a couple who are in a committed relationship (e.g. engaged) is acceptable
      • ALL Christian Churches teach against promiscuity
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