Defining Sex and Gender

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  • Defining Sex and Gender
    • Sex Identity
      • Biological Status of a Person
      • Depends on Chromosomes
        • XX - Girl
        • XY - Boy
      • Depends on their genitals and reproductive organs.
        • Penis and Testes- Boy
        • Vagina and Ovaries - Girl
    • Gender Identity
      • Psychological status of a Person
      • Can be the same or different to your sex identitiy.
    • Attitudes
      • Maculinity
        • Acting like a boy
          • Playing rugby
          • Not crying
      • Femininity
        • Acting like a girl
          • Playing with Dolls
          • Sensitivity
      • Adrogyny
        • Acting like and boy and a girl
          • Playing with dolls and playing football


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