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  • Settlers
    • Mountain Men
      • beaver pelts were popular in 1800s in east america
      • trappers moved to rocky mountains when they'd killed all the beavers in the east
      • went to annual 'rendezvous' to trade and gamble
      • often traded with the Indians, some even married them
    • Pioneers
      • in 1840s, 1000s of people emigrated to Oregon and California
      • looking for work, warmer climate, heard good things/ stories about the west.
      • was a 3000km journey, and was dangerous
      • illness was common, as were fires, extreme weather, rough terrain, and indian attacks
    • Gold Miners
      • gold was discovered in California, causing people a gold rush
      • there was a lot of crime, due to no law and order. claim-jumping was common
      • Eventually the gold ran out
    • Mormons
      • mormon church was set up in 1830 by Joseph Smith
      • wanted to move to a place no one else wanted (Great Salt Lake) to escape persecution
      • 'gentiles' didn't agree with some of their beliefs and practices (mainly polygamy)
      • when Joseph Smith was murdered in 1844, Brigham Young took over
      • he organised the Mormons'  journey to the salt lake
    • Homesteaders
      • 1862 Homestead Act promised 160 acres if a family farmed it for 5 years. Timber and Culture act 1873 awarded 160 acres of land if 40 acres was used to plant trees
      • people wanted to escape religious/racial persecution
      • People were also looking for work after the depression
      • Civil War soldiers had been decommissioned, and were looking for a new life
      • Problems: Sod houses (dirt and disease), weather extremes, fires, rough dry terrain, wildlife
      • Solutions: Barbed wire, sod buster, turkey red wheat, dry farming, wind pump
    • Cattlemen/ Cowboys
      • After the Civil War, cattle herds that had been left had increased in size
      • They needed to move the cattle to a place where they could better sell the meat
      • Charles Goodnight started a cattle ranch in 1850s with Oliver Loving. Their route was called Goodnight-Loving Trail
      • Cattle towns like Albion were set up, but were lawless
      • Problems: Overgrazing, drought, falling beef prices.


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