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  • Settlements
    • How functions of a settlement have changed
      • Benidorm in Spain
        • 1) It developed as a defensive function of a hill
        • 2) Then into a fishing port as it was situated near the coast
        • 3) Argriculture became important when water was transferred from inland.
        • 4) It became an important tourist destination after roads were built in the area
    • Why Urban regeneration is needed :Hull
      • Suffers from having many unattractive and cheap building developments, high level of unemployment
      • Council wasted £650 million, 10,000 empty homes in hull
      • Drug related crime, heroin addiction
    • Rural depopulation :Western Isles
      • Refers to the loss of people from the countryside to the cities.
      • Harsh physical environment, sense of remoteness, lack of transport, services and job opportunities
      • Closing down of schools and shops, abandoned crops and empty villages
    • Deindutrialisation and Urban Redevelopment : London Docklands
      • How it's changed and why the decline?
        • large boats came down but can no longer fit down the Thames, new transport links, containerisation meant few docks needed meaning low quality housing
      • LDDC- London Dockland Development Corperation
        • 1970-1980- 30,000 jobs lost 1981 - male unemployment was 24%, twice the national average
        • 1981-1998 Impoved houses, prospects of the community, private investment
    • Impact of counter-urbansiation on rural settlements : Walberswick
      • Movement from cities to countryside
      • Population of 300 and a oil industry, cheap houses, quiet, friendly, surrounded by farm land
      • No railway and only two buses a day but there is a main road, hard to leave the village without a car
    • Rapid growth of a city in a LIC : Dhaka, Bangladesh
      • Increase in waste, rise in crime, traffic increase, homes crowded, poor sanitation
      • 4 out of 5 people have stores, people live in slums, have a better lifestyle
    • Function Types
      • Residential, market town, administrative, strategic, industrial, tourism, cultural or religious, trading
    • Land use
      • Greenfield - land that has not been used or built on before, often in rural areas, that is being considered for development
      • Brownfield - a piece of land that has been previously developed and is now abandoned. These areas are waiting to be redeveloped
  • Harsh physical environment, sense of remoteness, lack of transport, services and job opportunities


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