Setting and Iconography - Locke - analysis of codes

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  • Setting and Iconography - analysing codes
    • Building site - gives background to the narrative and who Locke is
      • Self explanatory that he is a construction site manager.
    • Low key lighting used with soft focus of car lights - reminds audience of where he is and his journey
    • Wife cuts call when he tells her about the affair - symbolic of both of their emotions - mute sounds say a lot more than words in this moment.
  • Connects to bluetooth - prepares the audience for a film based on narrative taking place over the phone - iconic because phone calls are key part to the narrative.
  • Birds eye view of motorway bridges - sets the scene for where he is
  • Lighting gets darker as he gets angrier, we see him through the rear view mirror which puts us in the perspective of the chair.
  • Realism: windscreen wipers wipe rain away, police cars, adds to scenery and makes it less boring.
  • ambient sounds at beginning to set the scene, industrial sounds, phone ringing - all elements of his life
  • Dramatic music when he speaks to chair, builds tension.
  • 'You have a call waiting' - busy and a lot of people waiting, we see Locke stress.


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