Instrumental works 2016 (background information)

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  • Instrumental works + general information 2016
    • Haydn - Lamentatione
      • The first movement of a three-movement symphony
      • Composed circa 1768
      • The title/nickname refers to plainsong melody used which connotes the death and suffering of Jesus Christ
    • Holborne — Pavane and Galliard
      • Examples of Elizabethan instrumental music (circa 1590s)
      • Two most popular dances of the time
    • Brahms - Piano Quintet
      • Composed for piano quintet - dates from 1865
      • Intended for virtuoso players
      • The third of four movements
    • J. S. Bach — Partita (Sarabande and Gigue)
      • Composed in 1728 (late Baroque)
      • Two movements from a Suite - A series of dances usually in the same key
    • Shostakovic -Prelude and Fugue in A
      • Part of his 24 works (one in each key)
      • Written after attending Bach's 200th anniversary concert as a jury
        • (1950 - Liepzig, Germany)
      • First performed as a whole in 1952
    • Duke Ellington - Black and Tan Fantasy
      • First recorded in 1927
      • Cotton club New York - Title refers to the mixed-race nightclubs of the time
    • Miles Davis Quintet - Four (opening)
      • Jazz style: Bebop (developed in 1940s)
      • Extreme speed and virtuosity are features of the style
    • Generic intro to essay...
      • The following essay will compare and contrast the works by X,Y&Z
        • The works differ greatly in terms of their uses of A,B&C


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