Reasons for and consequences of "Separatism"

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  • Separatism
    • Reasons for
      • Economic Independence
        • Example: State of Western Australia is very rich in minerals. Some believe it would be more wealthy if it was a desperate country
      • Historical Allegiances
        • Example: Quebec in Canada was colonised by the French. Some believe as it has a majority French speaking and French-influenced culture, it should be seperate
      • Peripheral Location
        • Example: Scotland is away from the political centre of the UK. Some believe that government do not care or  understand the specific needs of the region
      • Religious Differences
        • Example: India and Pakistan used to be one country however it was split into the Islamic Pakistan and the Hindu India in 1947
      • Cultural Differences
        • Example: The Chechen people of Chechyna in the Russian Federation have a unique culture created by isolation in a mountainous region
      • Language Differences
        • Example: Catalonia in Spain has a unique language - Catalan. Many believe a separate, new country would suit the people better.
    • Consequences of
      • Peaceful
        • Establishing or maintiaing a separate cultural identity
          • Example: The Bretons maintain a separate culture to the rest of France
        • Language Preservation
          • The Welsh language is preserved in several ways. For example, it has a Welsh language TV channel, Welsh language is compulsory in schools.
        • Greater Political Independence
          • UK government gave some political powers to the         Newly-created Scottish Parliment
        • Settlements that redistribute land, wealth and resources
          • The Maori Party is a politcal party that seeks to support and protect the rights of the indigenous people of New Zealand
        • Civil Disobediance
          • Example: Lithuanian separatists in the 1980s ignored Soviet Union and held mass meetings and protests.
      • Non-Peaceful
        • Terrorism
          • The ETA is a Basque terrorist organization fighting for a separate Basque country in Spain.
        • Civil War
          • The Sri Lankan civil war involved a separatist group (the Tamil Tigers) who wanted a separate country for the Tamil people.
        • Genocide
          • Russia has been accused of committing genocide against the Chechen people


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