Separation of powers - criminology

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  • Separation of powers-criminology
    • Three arms of state
      • Executive
        • Government
      • Legislative
        • Parliament
      • The judiciary
        • Courts
    • why separate
      • Balance and checks
      • No ultimate power
      • so no one body has all the power
      • Avoid bias
    • How they're separated
      • Each has different powers, to act in different ways to make sure no one branch becomes too powerful
      • Constitutional reform Act 2009 - HOL becomes supreme court
    • Michael Howard
      • Then homes secretary - interview with David Frost
        • ECHR decided that the Home Secretary can make decisions on adult sentences
          • He decided he could also amend child sentences - Thompsona me Venables, burger killers.
    • Links to democratic state
      • Equality
      • Power to the people
      • No bias between those who make ls and those who enforce them
        • Right to a fair trial
          • Article 6 Human Rights act 1998
      • The executive and legislative are Elected in


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