5 Separating Techniques

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  • Separation Techniques
    • Filteration
      • Done with either sand and water or salt and water
      • Separates insoluble from soluble
      • Filter paper removes the insoluble substance
    • Crystallisation
      • Can be used with copper sulphate crystals
      • Separates soluble solids from the solvent
    • Chromatograp-hy
      • Used in forensics and the food industry
      • Separates soluble solids like ink samples and food dye
      • When doing it always use a pencil
    • Simple Distillation
      • Usually with salt water
      • Used in places with no fresh water
      • Relies on boiling temperatures
    • Fractional Distillation
      • Usually with crude oil and diesel
      • Used for a mixture of substances
      • Relies on boiling temperatures


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