C2: Seperating Techniques

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  • C2:Separating techniques
    • Sand And Water
      • 1. Get a container and place a funnel with funnel paper over it.
      • 2. Pour the sand and water mixture into the funnel.
      • The fiilter paper will keep the sand in the funnel whilst allowing the water to pass through into the container.
        • This is because the filter paper contains tiny holes in it that allows smaller molecules such as water through but it doesn't allow larger particles such as sand to pass through it.
    • Dyes In Coloured Ink
      • 1. Place dots of ink on a piece of chromatogra-hy paper.
      • 2. Place a few drops of water onto the dots of ink. The different dyes in the ink will separate as the water travels up the paper.
        • This works because some of the dyes are more soluble in water than others so they are carried different distances along the paper by the water.
    • Gases In The Air
      • The process of fractional distillation is used.
      • 1. Air is liquefied and passed into the bottom of a fractioning column.
      • 2. Liquid oxygen collects at the bottom of the column whilst gaseous nitrogen rises to the top.
        • This process works as different gases in the air have different boiling points.
    • Salt Dissolved In Water
      • The mixture of salt and water is heated untill the water evapourates. The salt will be left over in its solid form.
        • This works because the salt does not evaporate and so is left over. The water can be collected by condensing it into a separate container.


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