Sentences Available For Adults

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  • Sentences Available For Adults
    • Community orders - the court give the offender requirements they must fulfil, like unpaid work or a curfew. For example if they are guilty of drug use, they might have a drug rehabilitation requirement.
    • Fines - usually a set rate is paid by the offender each week. In the Crown Court there is no limited to how much they can be fined, but in the Magistrates' Court there are different levels each with maximum fines.
    • Custodial sentences - these are the most serious punishments the court can give. These include mandatory life sentences, which are for murder, fixed-term sentences, where the length of imprisonment depends on several factors, and  suspended prison sentences, where it doesn't take effect immediately and if the offender doesn't offend again the prison sentence is not served.
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    • Discharge - a conditional discharge is when an offender is let off on the coniditon no futher offence is committed during the next three years, used when punishment is deemed unnecessary. However if they re-offend during this they can impose a sentence in place of the discharge and a new penalty for the new offence.                               An absolute discharge means no penalty is imposed, for example when an offender is guilty but cannot be blamed morally.


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