Sensory register

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  • Sensory register
    • Coding
      • Olfactory store for smell
      • Echoic store for auditory
      • Iconic store for visual
      • Haptic store for tactile
      • Gustatory store for taste
      • Crowder        (1993)       SR only retains info in iconic for few ms; echoic for few seconds
        • Supports idea of sensory information being coded into different stores
    • Capacity
      • Sperling (1960)   Recall of indicated row of letters was high; suggests all information was there
        • Suggests capacity is quite large, especially iconic store
      • Very large, information is unprocessed, highly detailed and ever-changing
    • Duration
      • Different types of information in each store decaying at different rates
      • Walsh and Thompson (1978) Iconic has duration of 500ms; decreases as get older
        • Suggests duration is limited and dependent on age


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