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  • Sempronia
    • From a noble family
      • descendant of Cornelia
      • married into a noble family as was fortunate 'in her husband and children'
      • she is admired for her talents
        • she can play the lyre
          • this would of been disproved of at the time
            • inappropriate hobbies
        • she danced with skill
          • this would of been disproved of at the time
            • inappropriate hobbies
        • educated
          • well read In greek and latin literature
          • could write verse
        • was full of charm and wit
      • she is a women with freedom and isn't confined to her family background
    • Written by the historian Sallust writing about the moral decline of the time
      • 1 century BC
    • Catiline
      • was from a  noble family that had fallen on difficult times
      • he was tried and acquitted of adultery with a vestal virgin
      • he was a praetor (ranked below a consuls)
      • He's now planning an uprising against the republic
      • he was eventually killed fighting against rome
    • Catilines followers
      • he attracted many people including women
      • the women would finance themselves at first by selling their bodies but soon got into debt
      • Cataline's intentions was to use these women to win over the urban slaves, set fire to the city and either enlist or kill their husbands
      • including sempronia
        • politics are important to her
          • females are allowed to get involved but are disliked for it
    • she cared little for modesty and chastity
      • she threw away her money and reputation
      • she chased men more than they chased her
    • she was dishonest
      • broken promises
      • didn't repay her debts
      • she was accused of given assistance to a murder


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