Semiotic analysis

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  • Semiotic analysis
    • Audio visual
      • Camera shots
        • Close-ups create emotion and tension and show us how characters feel
        • Extreme close ups create suspense or draw attention to something important
        • Long shots are used when more information about a situation is required
        • Medium shots are also called newsreader shots and can signify a genre or place focus on someone
        • Establishing shots are rapid ways of advancing a narrative by showing the location of the action
      • Camera Angles
        • A high angle shot will make a character seem small and insignificant
        • A birds-eye-view shot is often used to film action scenes and allows the audience to see what is happening and hints at the high production values
        • A low angle shot creates a sense of power or dominance
      • Camera movement
        • A tracking shot follows a character or the action and makes the audience feel involved. This effect is further enhanced through the use of a handheld camera
        • A zoom is when a camera moves towards the subject and is virtually unnoticeable and allows the audience to be involved with the character
        • A panning shot usually shows location
        • A tilt shot is a vertical pan and implies mystery while scanning a character
      • Editing
        • Editing involves selecting and ordering shots to convey meaning
        • The editing can change according to the genre
    • Print
      • Layout and design
        • The way in which the text is constructed is partly to do with the technical codes
        • The colour, font and text positioning contribute to the house style
      • Camera shots
        • AThe choice of shot helps communicate meaning.  screenshot of a film suggests narrative and genre
        • A close-up on the creator attracts their fan base
      • Lighting
        • The way in which the image is lit constructs meaning
      • Use of colour
        • Pastel colours on a film poster convey a specific genre
        • Fragrance adverts convey their genre with digital colour washes
      • Graphics
        • Graphics are common on print products. Graphics on a film poster will convey the genre
      • Post-production techniques
        • Images are digitally manipulated
        • Models in advertising and on magazines are digitally enhanced to present perfection


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