Self reports

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  • Self reports
    • Questionnaires
      • Rating scales
        • + Quant data can allow results so be statistically analysed and compared
        • - Individual inperpretations of which number represents what lowers validity
      • Open ended questions
        • + Detailed responses allow insight to be gained
        • - Qual data makes the responses difficult to compare
      • Closed questions
        • + Quant data allows the responses to be statistically analysed      + Responses can be easily compared
        • - Limited insight is gained
    • Interviews
      • + Ppts can ask the interviewer ro explain questions is they do not understand
      • - Time consuming and can be expensive
      • Structured: Predetermined questions
      • Semi-structured: predetermined questions are used but the researcher develops questions too.
    • + Quant data allows statistical comparisons + Qual data allows insight to be gained + Anonymous - more likely to answer truthfully
    • - Ppts may not answer truthfully due to social desirability     - Bias / leading questions lower validity - Clarity of questions may be a issue


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