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  • Questionnaires
    • 3 types
      • Structured
        • Pre-determined questions, with fixed choice responses
      • Semi-Structured
        • Researcher used pre-determined questions with a mixture of fixed and open ended responses
      • Open-Ended
        • No pre-determined questions, the ppt will be asked to comment on a specific topic
    • Advantages
      • Allows insight that can't be discovered through experiments/observations
        • Peoples beliefs, attitudes and opinions
      • A number of variables can be measured at the same time
      • Usually cheap and easy to carry out
        • Large samples can be examined at the same time
    • Disadvantages
      • Doesn't establish cause and effect as results may be influenced by exteneous variables
      • Participants may not respond truthfully due to social desirability
        • Social Desriability - When a person answers in a way which reflects them in a positive, socially acceptable manner


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